Revolutionising Family Safety

KMS Solutions is a technology business based in Manchester U.K. and is developing the KMS Wristband, a personal safety solution for use by children and vulnerable adults.

The wristband is based on GSM cellular telephone and assisted GPS technologies miniaturised into a simple wristband. The device enables the wearer to contact one of a nominated number of carers with a simple one click button on the device. There are no buttons, no screens, no internet access. Once a call has been initiated only the carer can terminate the call ensuring at all times that contact is maintained with the wearer until the current event that triggered the call is resolved

In addition carers can through a web app and or a smartphone app locate the whereabouts of the wearer using GPS technology. In addition carers can pre programme specific routes to be travelled by the wearer or geo fence areas though which they do not wish the wearer to travel. If wearers stray from pre assigned routes or enter geo fenced areas then the carer is notified either by text or email.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Device auto-answers to carer
  • Carer only end call function
  • ‘1-Click’ call from device to 5 carers (simultaneous)
  • Call bypasses answer phones until carer answers
  • Sleek, comfortable, compact design
  • Quick locate user (GPS & RF)
  • Geo Route-Fencing (Red/Green Route)
  • User I.D Storage

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